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The principles of Empire State of Mind have been based on many years of research and study of the most successful people on earth. We know exactly what makes them operate at their best and achieve excellence, not just once, but consistently. 

There is a particular set of beliefs and mindset that can allow us to live life at our maximum every single day. With this way of thinking, we can live without ever really experiencing a great deal of suffering. WIthout doubt, there are things that can happen in our lives that can be upsetting; e.g: A death of a family member. But, if you live your life using the key principles, which are tightly bound to the laws of nature, you will find life won't be such a struggle. When challenging times arrive, you will find yourself accepting the situations and things you can't control, whilst taking massive amounts of action towards the things you can control. 

The principles are based on the following:

  • Working in harmony with the laws of nature.
  • Have clear defined goals and a vision for the future.
  • Will allow you to focus solely on the process whilst remaining in a detached state from the result. 
  • Equanimity- You will be calm and even tempered. This will be built on a practice of treating all things equally. 
  • Conscious, present, focussed solely on the NOW, not pondering the future or holding on to the past. 

We only need to look outside the window to see perfection amongst nature. Nothing in nature struggles. Trees do not struggle to grow, nor do plants or grass. Birds fly with ease as do fish swim in the sea. 

Since we are a part of nature, then why is it that we struggle so much at times in our life? Why do we make living such a difficult thing? We have been given the gift of choice and consciousness, but unfortunately, many of us were not taught how best to use it. An uncontrolled mind, can only cause destruction and pain, thereby ultimately causing us to suffer. 

Our principles are short, effective and are primarily based on practical application. We do not believe in theory, unless it can and is applied. We take great pride in ensuring we walk our clients step by step through the process of change, until they are on their way to developing an Empire State of Mind.