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Elite Sports Training

Many people have talent. But what separates champions from the rest is their ability to perform CONSISTENTLY. And consistency arises from an individual's ability to manage their state of mind.

 World Number 1 tennis player and winner of 13 Grand Slam titles including 8 French Open titles. Consistency and Rafa go hand-in-hand.

World Number 1 tennis player and winner of 13 Grand Slam titles including 8 French Open titles. Consistency and Rafa go hand-in-hand.

What are some issues an athlete may experience?

    Stems from a lack of concentration. These athletes experience fluctuating states of mind throughout their performance, leading to avoidable mistakes and fluctuating overall results. These athletes tend to enter the 'zone' accidentally. Inconsistent players tend to lack an understanding as to how to control their mind and concentrate for extended periods of time.
    Choking is defined as sudden lapses in performance, usually a term used for errors made in the final stages of a match. This results from feelings of anxiety (mind drifting into the future) and a focus on the result and not on the task at hand. Silly mistakes, such as dropped marks in football, missing shots on goal that a player would otherwise kick, not watching the ball, poor anticipation, reduced awareness are all symptoms that can be seen.
    These players tend to achieve good results on a regular basis but struggle to achieve their full potential. They are able to focus for a moderate period of time after which they lose concentration, ultimately resulting in a drop in effort and intensity. Compared to the very elite players, they have relatively lower levels of concentration and control over the mind.
    Stems from an uncontrolled and judgmental mind. Poor results stimulate more thinking and judgment, making it difficult to enter the zone and consequently this produces more failure. Ultimately, this results in a negative cycle of poor results.


Elite performance happens when we are 'in the zone.' We can only get into the zone when we have adopted the appropriate mindset and are in the right emotional state. Most of us have experienced the zone. But what separates the best athletes from the rest is CONCENTRATION. The longer you can remain in the zone, the longer you can sustain elite performance. ESOM helps you not only get in the zone, but shows you ways to build your concentration to stay there. 

The 3 step approach involved in the Mind of a Champion program:

1) Discovery of triggers to peak state of mind (understand the triggers that place you 'in the zone')

2) Implement our SUCCESS MINDSET -success principles for life.

3) Concentration: Build concentration so you can stay in the zone longer.

Our strategies are simple to implement and highly practical which produce long lasting results.

By the completion of our training, we will have manufactured a mind like that of Sachin Tendulkar, Rafael Nadal, Lebron James or Gary Ablett Jnr. The player will have the ability to concentrate for long periods of time. They will know how to manage their state of mind at all times. Furthermore, they will possess a mindset for long lasting and consistent success at the highest level.