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Corporate Training

Empire State of Mind’s corporate training program has been designed to maximise an employee’s productivity. This is the single most important aim of an employer. Furthermore, by showing employees how to be more productive it also allows them to more easily achieve their goals; thereby creating the perfect win: win situation for both employer and employee.

Empire State of Mind believes in results, not theory. Every single concept can be practically applied by any person if they so choose.

Lastly, the entire program is tailored to meet the company’s needs.

We see corporate success as a simple equation:



1.     MIND OF A CHAMPION- State of Mind management

  • How to manage your emotions- the key to consistent effort.
  • Using examples show people how any state of mind is formed; knowing this allows people to easily change their state of mind at will.

2.     ELITE SUCCESS MINDSET- the way champions/elite business leaders think.

  • With this mindset, success comes easily and effortlessly and life is lived with little or no stress. This allows you to live your life ‘in the zone.’


  • The mechanics of selling- once you understand this, selling becomes easy. I.e. Straight-line theory, rapport, tonality and body language.
  • Charisma- 10 steps to building charisma.


  • 21 Keys (very short points) to leadership and managing people.
  • What outcomes you can expect:
    -Enable you to make friends easily and quickly
    -Increase your popularity
    -Helps you influence people to your way of thinking
    -Increase your earning power
    -Makes you a better executive
    -Helps you handle complaints and avoid arguments.
    -Helps you to arouse enthusiasm among your colleagues.


  • Simplest way to execute effective work: life balance.
  • The key to happiness, feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • What outcomes you can expect:
    -Increased happiness/fulfillment/satisfaction
    -Increased productivity
    -Increased focus/attention
    -Reduced stress/anxiety/frustration.


  • Present case studies on the most successful people in a variety of fields and highlight the mental characteristics they possess that makes them world-class leaders and successful at the highest level.
  • Use examples of leaders with each session, e.g. Warren Buffett, Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, NBA coach Phil Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, etc.
  • Could design 1-3 sessions, depending on the needs of the client.

Each program is a maximum of 1 hour, with each attendee receiving a workbook with all of the information that is covered in the session.

All six topics serve to holistically develop aspiring employees into highly productive leaders. 


ESOM’s founder Nayan Sharma counts corporate leaders and aspiring employees from some of the most distinguished companies among his clients including IBM, Deutsche Bank, Nowicki Carbone, Australia Post and Cricket Victoria.

Nayan’s comprehensive training sessions can be structured to meet your specific needs. His engagements have ranged from multiple 1-hour talks (structured to be delivered over a specific period of time) to ongoing one-to-one consultations with aspiring leaders. 


-David Pryles, Commercial Operations Manager, Cricket Victoria

-David Pryles, Commercial Operations Manager, Cricket Victoria

" Nayan is full of energy, passionate about success and completely focused on delivering results. His own personal journey is very unique and his vast experience allows him to connect with all different types of people. He and I have worked closely over the past year on a number of projects and he has helped me deliver outstanding results for Cricket Victoria. If you are serious about success, then definitely talk to Nayan"

Vice President, Investment Banking, Deutsche Bank, Sydney

Vice President, Investment Banking, Deutsche Bank, Sydney

" ESOM has helped me incredibly with my performance at work and in my personal life. Since working closely with Nayan over the last year and a half, I have been promoted twice and am rising rapidly in my company.
My job can be very demanding and I often found myself frustrated and stressed. Having worked closely with Nayan, I can now manage my state of mind a lot better and more consistently. This key skill has allowed me to perform at my peak for longer periods of time.
Applying his success mindset has significantly reduced my stress and made success seem to come almost effortlessly. This man delivers results! His methods are unique and very practical. I can’t thank him enough"

Tony Carbone, Managing Director, Nowicki Carbone, one of Melbourne's leading Personal Injury Law firms

Tony Carbone, Managing Director, Nowicki Carboneone of Melbourne's leading Personal Injury Law firms

"I wanted to help my Lawyers take their ability to close sales, and persuade to another level.
I met Nayan and he introduced his unique concept to me. I was initially curious, as it is very different to any performance consulting I have seen before, and keen to give it a shot. He presented to approximately 30 of my lawyers in our boardroom and did it exceptionally well.
He was able to captivate the lawyers and summarise the exact mechanics of selling and taught them all how to develop Charisma. 

It was interactive, engaging and extremely effective.
Everything he presented was excellently put together in a workbook, which all of my Lawyers received.
What I liked the most is that it was direct, to the point and delivered exactly the result that I wanted. He surpassed my expectations and am very much looking forward to having him present various topics that will enhance productivity on an on going basis here at Nowicki Carbone.”