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The Results Room

On this page, you will find case studies involving highly successful people. Examples will be shown of them following the principles of Empire State of Mind and how their state of mind affects their performance and also what happens when they don't follow the principles.

This page is a great way to learn and reinforce the principles that will ensure long term, consistent success. 

 picture : Charles Dickens



Nayan Sharma

Happiness doesn't come from reaching the mountain top. How many of you have had lofty goals that once you achieved it, you thought, "Is this all there is?" And almost immediately after, you asked yourself, "Ok, what is next?" 

Happiness comes from PROGRESS.

Like everything in nature, which all humans are a part of, If you aren't growing, you are dying. 

Have you ever seen a tree remain stagnant? Does it ever stop growing? If it stops growing, then what does that mean? It is dead. 

There are 5 key compartments in your life: 

  1. Relationships
  2. Work
  3. Health
  4. Spirituality 
  5. Personal Hobbies/Interests. 

Strive for growth in all 5 compartments of your life. Even if one area is not getting attention, you will find yourself feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. 

Growth= Change= Improvement.
Most people are under the misconception that they need enormous amounts of spare time in order to invest in all of the key compartments of their life. 
That is far from the truth! 

This frame of thinking leads to overwhelm and ultimately little or no action.

Even just five concentrated minutes on an area equals growth. e.g. Read one chapter of your book, do 10 minutes of sprints outside or meditate for 5 minutes, that is enough. A little growth is better than no growth at all.

Every day is different. We must remain flexible. Some days you will need to stay back at work, whilst on another day you might have the whole evening free. On a busy day, exercise for a short time, on another day you could spend 1 hour in the gym and read five chapters of your book!  

Failure comes from rigid thinking and expectations.


Balance= Growth in the 5 compartments of our life.

The truth is we will never achieve balance. Life is constantly in motion, nothing ever remains static. We must remain flexible with ourselves and our approach to happiness.


  1. Write down the 5 compartments on a blank piece of paper.
  2. Under each heading, note your vision of what you want to achieve and how you will go about reaching it. 
  3. Make progress in each of the 5 compartments every single day. 

STRIVE FOR CONSTANT GROWTH, otherwise, you are dying.
STRIVE FOR BALANCE every single day, by investing even the smallest amount of time in all 5 key compartments of your life.

This is the key to happiness.