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Looking to climb the Corporate ladder? Here is a great way to help you achieve this.

The Results Room

On this page, you will find case studies involving highly successful people. Examples will be shown of them following the principles of Empire State of Mind and how their state of mind affects their performance and also what happens when they don't follow the principles.

This page is a great way to learn and reinforce the principles that will ensure long term, consistent success. 

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Looking to climb the Corporate ladder? Here is a great way to help you achieve this.

Nayan Sharma

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A desire to be appreciated and loved is the one psychological need all human beings share. And yet, most of us are so concerned with ourselves, that we often forget to appreciate other people. 

The method prescribed below is using this understanding and combining it with one of the key laws of nature: the Law of Giving or Action/Reaction or Karma as some people like to call it.

The Law of Giving states that whatever you give, you will receive something of equal value in return. So, if you want appreciation for your work, then first give appreciation to others.

Here is how to do it:

1) Recognise the 5 most important people you associate with at work. 
Eg: Your boss, boss's assistant, etc. Start with 5, then each day branch out and add more people to the list.

2) List one thing about each of those people that you sincerely appreciate.  
E.g. It could be the way a colleague dresses, or the idea they came up with in a meeting or maybe how someone’s work ethic inspires you? Anything. But it must be sincere. It has to be something you really do appreciate. The reason for this is simple. You don’t want to ever come across to another person as being fake or offering flattery. If you are being honest, then it will always come across as sincere.

3) Find a way to communicate what you appreciate to each of the 5 people. E.g. Ask to speak to them, call them or maybe email them? Choose what you feel most comfortable doing. But, do remember that face to face will always be the most powerful form of communication. 

4) Notice the reaction these people have, when offered a sincere compliment.  

5) Notice how it makes you feel when you make someone else happy. 

A really simple task, but so powerful.

Remember, when the time comes to decide who gets a promotion, if all else is equal, it will be the person they like the most that they will choose to take the next step.  

If you want to stand out from the crowd and reflect leadership skills, look to appreciate others and you will be sure to leave a positive mark on everyone you come in contact with.